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Posted on 03-31-2015

We invite you to the first WellnessOne Group 10-Day Transformation Program. Mark this day on your calendar: April 20th, 2015. Make the commitment to Transform your life.

For every pound lost, for those that participate in this event with WellnessOne, WellnessOne will be making a donation to Sound Mental HealthSound Mental Health was founded in 1966 and is a vital and unique community resource in our region. They provide support to children, military veterans, our elderly, developmentally disabled and adults with serious mental illness. Unfortunately adults with serious mental illnesses die 25 years younger than other Americans. I have a personal reason for supporting this effort. My family is part of that statistic.  My younger brother, Michael took his own life due to his struggles with mental illness. In his memory I wish to help others and this is a way I can do that. 

The Transformation is as easy as A-B-C. For 10 days you will be taking a vacation from your steady diet of processed foods. Want to lose 5, 10, 15 or even as much as 20 pounds in 10 days? Well, WellnessOne has partnered with Purium and David Sandoval and we are coordinating a 10-Day Transformation Program. Here is a chance to lose weight quickly, safely and with the healthiest of nature’s foods. No processed foods, no synthetics, chemicals or empty calories. And it’s simple and easy, no cooking or major preparing of foods.  Just pure nutrition plain and simple and the pounds will fall off. Guaranteed! Yes I did say Guaranteed!  If for any reason you are not happy with the program, Purium will provide you a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. You have NOTHING to lose but weight… and EVERYTHING to gain your health, vitality and natural energy.

Make the commitment and join the first ever group at WellnessOne to taking steps to improve your life, health and vitality.

To be part of this exciting event simply contact WellnessOne of Bellevue at 425.644.8386. We will coordinate to get you your 10-day Transformation program and register you on the official list.

How does the program work? It works by combining nutrient dense super foods + slow burning carbs + highly digestible protein. You are consuming high nutrient, pure organic non-gmo superfoods that feed and protect your cells; a 100% vegan, pre-digested protein that is proven to build muscles even if you aren’t exercising and high anti-oxidant potency nutrients that support cellular detox.

3 Easy Steps to be part of the program

  1.       Call WellnessOne and fill out the entrance form
  2.       Fill out your Form and return it to WellnessOne
  3.       Wait to get your Program (if you are local you can get it directly from  WellnessOne or we will have it mailed directly to you)

The cost for this program: $230

This includes the entire 10-Day Transformation Program PLUS it includes a $75 membership to the Purium Superfood Supermarket where you can continue to get these super nutrient organic, non-gmo superfoods for you and your family. It’s all you will pretty much need to eat during the 10 day program.

What do I do AFTER the 10-days? Well if you are happy with the ‘transformation’ you can continue on your journey and continue consuming superfoods from the Superfood Supermarket to stay healthier and be healthier. You can continue the program 1 day on and 1 day off until you achieve your desired weight or you can work to maintain the changes by simply replacing one of your processed meals with a healthy superfood meal.

OR if you are unhappy, you can contact Purium and they will refund you your money.

WHY am I doing this? I met a woman who was suffering from the same issues my brother suffered from. She shared her story with me and told me after doing her 10-Day Transformation, not only did she lose unwanted pounds, but she emotionally felt more ‘clear’. Taking a vacation from processed foods has literally ‘Transformed’ her life in how she feels not only physically but more important emotionally. She feels healthier, she sleeps better and as a result she is happier in her life. And for someone who feels ‘hopeless’ that kind of change can be ‘Transformational’ and has been for her.

If you want to lose 5-10 pounds in 10 days, if you want to improve your energy and how you feel. Call WellnessOne today and be part of this ‘Transformational’ event!

Thank you.

Steven P. Thain, DC

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