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Dr. Thain Talks Wellness Care with Dr. Pat - Dr. Thain discusses with us about what wellness care really is. He defines wellness care and talks about the three causes of all diseases in the body. Listen now to improve your health and understanding!


eHealth@WellnessOne - Complementary information about health that is available all day, every day. Learn about different topics including headaches, massage, decompression, and so much more!


Health Topic Of The Week - Listen to our Thought of the Week to learn about how you can have a healthier and more active lifestyle! When it comes to health, there is so much that can be learned!


WellnessOne BMI Calculator - Use our BMI calculator to input your height, weight, and gender to calculate your body mass index.


Calendar Of Events - The Calendar of Events lets you remain up to date with what is happening around WellnessOne and our community. Learn about different health fairs, charity events, lectures, and special consultation appointments on our events calendar!


It’s Your Future…be there healthy with WellnessOne - is a great video that contains fabulous patient information on how to get healthy and stay healthy!


WellnessOne Special Reports - You can browse through our special reports that cover a number of different topics and interests. Learn about lower back pain, headaches, a Survival Guide to Auto Accidents, and so much more!


Posture Check - Click this link to determine if your posture is correct!